Atomic Coffee – The Strongest Coffee – Now Available Online & Safeway   Freshly Brewed !

Luna Gourmet lands extra-caffeinated Atomic coffee line at Safeway stores across the state of Colorado February 4, 2015 – DENVER, Colo. – Attention caffeine lovers!  Boca Java Atomic coffee has 50-percent more caffeine than any other 100% Arabica coffee that is sure to give you the boost of energy that […]

Atomic Coffee - The Strongest Coffee Around - 100% Premium Arabica Coffee Beans - 50% More Caffeine

boyers_coffee_roasting_in_progress Highlights our Company Growth

Colorado’s largest family-owned coffee roaster has its thumb on every aspect of the industry. by Jamie Siebrase – September 7, 2015, 09:11 am MDT Nineteen-year-old Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company just doubled in size, adding 25 new employees after acquiring Denver’s iconic Boyer’s Coffee brand last March. “Boyer’s was […]

Burlap Coffee Sacks – Easy to Reuse & Recycle!

Have you ever wondered what coffee roasters do with all their empty burlap coffee sacks? Since I always see stacks of full coffee bags at the roastery but never see the empty sacks I wondered this very question. I asked our head roaster, Brian, what we do with the hundreds […]



Denver-Based Luna Gourmet Acquires Iconic Boyer’s Coffee Brand

Denver-Based Luna Gourmet Acquires Iconic Boyer’s Coffee Brand Luna Gourmet Family of Brands Now the Largest Family-Owned Coffee Roaster in Colorado August 5, 2015 – Denver, CO – Boyer’s Coffee is celebrating 50 years of coffee excellence this year. However, a new family will serve the birthday cake. The Boyer’s […]

Project CURE Nicaraguan Coffee Delivers Medical Relief

Gourmet coffee to Boca Java is more than the coffee beans we use, it’s about the people that work to provide the best coffee beans they can. Unfortunately many of the regions where the best coffee comes from are remote and poor. Buying direct trade and fair trade coffee certainly […]

Project CURE Nicaraguan Coffee Donation 2015

Green coffee cherries

We Visit the Origin of Our Indonesian Coffee

We are passionate about our coffee at Boca Java. We source the best 100% Arabica, specialty grade, certified coffee that we can find. Certified coffees that are Organic, Rain Forest Alliance and sourced direct are of a higher quality which makes for a perfect cup of coffee. Getting satisfaction from that perfect cup goes […]